Control in Pictures

Ah, the Dexcom G4. It’s impossible to express how much I love this little gadget. Continue reading


Dexcom G4

Behold my latest D-acquisition – the Dexcom G4.

Dex G4 Continue reading

I’m Back!!

I have taken a long hiatus from blog writing because life seemed to get in the way. But I am back and going to try and resurrect this blog. Continue reading

DOC and Twitter Awesomeness

Gotta love the Twitterspehere (is that a thing? Or am I just making up words again?). I was at a conference yesterday and, like all conferences these days, participants were encouraged to live tweet the discussions using a special hashtag. Continue reading



I just looked down and saw this little guy stuck to the bottom of my shoe. Pretty sure it’s mine, but how did it get there??? Stowaway test strip!

Routine Interrupted

When you live with T1 diabetes for a number of decades, some things just become habit and so integrated into daily routine, that it’s easy to overlook them.  Carb count, test, bolus, test, adjust basal rate before exercise, site change, test, treat, test, correct. Repeat.  As part of my normal routine, these things are so natural I barely think about them.  But our lives are not consistent from one day to the next.  We don’t wake up at the same time every day and work responsibilities vary. Continue reading

World Diabetes Day Twitter Chat 2012

It’s an international chat extravaganza on Twitter, folks!! Use #WDDchat12
to participate!  This chat is taking place from 6:00 AM EST to the usual 9:00 to 10:00 PM timeslot of the Wednesday.  That’s a lot of tweeting so get your thumbs ready!